As you place flowers and decorations please keep in mind;
 ALL Decorations will be removed four times a year. Feb 1 / Apr 1 / Aug 1 / Oct 1 
Remember: Any torn or worn or broken items will be removed immediately.
Mylar Balloons, battery operated, noise making, solar powered, wind generated, and glass items are prohibited at ALL times. Those items will be immediately removed upon placement.
Candles should not be placed in the cemetery at any time.
It has been our disheartening experience that some members of the public do not respect the sanctity of the cemetery. We strongly urge that NOTHING of sentimental value be brought to the cemetery and we are not held responsible for anything placed in the cemetery.
If you need a copy of the cemetery rules, please email with the name of your interred family member to receive a copy. Thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep our cemetery a beautiful resting place for our loved ones.