Frequently Asked Cemetery Questions

Do I own real estate when I purchase my lot?

-No.  What you purchase is the right to be interred or inurned. No ownership of land is conveyed and all real estate is titled in the name of the church.

What can I place on my loved ones grave site?

-Please review our policy on flowers and decorations which is designed for the safety serenity and enjoyment of all visitors to the cemetery. If you need a copy of the policies, please stop by our office. 


Do I have to have a vault (outer burial container)?

-While Virginia State Law does not require a vault for burial, Woodbine Cemetery among others requires a vault as a matter of safety to minimize the settlement of the graveside due to varying casket materials.

Do I have to purchase my vault from the cemetery?

-No, this may be purchased from a funeral home. 
Do I have to purchase my memorial from the cemetery?
-Please refer to your contract for direction. You must follow our Rules & Regulations Governing Memorials.  All memorials must be pre-approved before construction of memorial. We do require you to pay an installation fee. Cremation memorials must be bought through our office. 
Why do some burial sites still have dirt while others have grass growing? Also may I plant my own grass?
-Sod can ONLY be placed in the fall and spring months.If your family member was interred in January, sod will be placed in the spring of that year. Also keep in mind that the church and cemetery do not allow planting, including grass or grass see,d by family members in order to keep the cemetery looking peaceful for all visitors. If you have a question regarding the timing of sod to be placed, please contact the office. 
Why should I pre-plan my burial? 
-Pre-planning will help your family during a difficult time to make decisions. Pre-planning allows you to reduce burdens on those left behind. Woodbine offers 12-month payment plans for pre-need purchases.