Throughout the year Woodbine is involved in many community projects to help out those around us. By actively being the body of Christ we can not only tell others about Christ but show them as well.


Spring Ministry

Every Easter, Woodbine commits to making Easter Baskets for children in the community whose families cannot provide an Easter gift for them. The most important part of Easter, not being that children receive just a gift but for them to receive a gift that can help them understand that Christ gave the ultimate gift to us when he died on the cross for our sins.


Summer Ministry 

Throughout the month of August, as children are preparing to return to school for the following school year, there are many children in our community that cannot afford the school supplies required for the upcoming school year. Woodbine recognizes the importance of education and that if a child is in the slightest way discouraged about school, it can change their lives forever. To keep the “Back To School ” excitement for children, every August we work together to build backpacks for children in the community.


Fall Ministry

As the season begins to change to fall many of us are realizing Christmas is coming! In preparation for Christmas, Woodbine partners with Operation Christmas Child to put together “shoeboxes” to send to children throughout the world.


Winter Ministry

Brr! The temperatures are dropping and many children go without mittens, hats or scarves because their parents cannot afford them. As we begin to decorate our trees, we put aside 2 very special trees here at Woodbine. These trees (located in the Sanctuary and the office) have clothespins all over them. It is our goal each winter to fill those clothespins up with mittens, hats and scarves for children in the community that would not otherwise receive them.


To find out how you can get involved in our seasonal ministries please see a Woodbine Greeter for more information!